10 Best Ways to Enjoy Canada’s Wonderland

During summer, it’s all about fun in Canada. Canada’s Wonderland is one of the best attractions to visit in Toronto over the summer season. In summer, it opens daily. 

If this summer, you plan to visit Canada’s wonderland, check some mom tips here and be ready to have fun.

  1. Purchase online tickets. Canada’s Wonderland has a website where you can buy tickets and save time at the entrance. Online tickets come with discounts thus saving some dollars.
  2. Plan your rides. From the park’s website, check the age and height requirements for rides before visiting. 
  3. Be creative in the sun. During summer in Toronto, it’s very sunny. Bring a hat and sunglasses for you and your kids.
  4. Carrying your baby? The park has a nursing area and changing table.
  5. Carry a stroller. The park is huge and favorable for walls. Carry or rent a stroller. It will be easy to move with your child
  6. Visit the snoopy zone. It’s best for kids under the age of 5 years.
  7. Arrive early to avoid traffic jams. In summer, all mornings have traffic jams making it difficult to get to the parking lot. Although the park opens at 10 am, their parking lot opens earlier.
  8. Pack enough food. When you visit the park, carry enough food for the whole day. The park is surrounded by restaurants but during the summer season, there is a long line.
  9. Carry a swimsuit and towel. There is a water park where you can go swimming when it is too hot.
  10. Carry a water bottle. You will get many water fountains around with clean water.

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