10 Home Activity Ideas for Kids

Kids. Although they are a blessing, they tend to drive you crazy. When you are used to having your kids in school throughout the day, staying with them at home all day is a big challenge. 

You like seeing them watch TV all day or hearing them say how bored they are at home. It is upon you as a parent to handle this challenge.

To maintain your sanity, use the following ideas to keep your children busy.

  1. Write. Children love writing stories. If your kid loves writing, give them a story topic to write about.
  2. Gardening. Involve your kid in gardening activities such as planting seeds like flowers, berries, herbs, and vegetables and watch them grow. Gardening is exciting
  3. Baking. Most children love being in the kitchen. You can involve your child in kitchen activities such as baking a cake. Let your kid use their own researched recipes.
  4. Explore their old toys. Most children have old toys in the garage or basement. 
  5. Set up a zoom meeting with their friends to catch up.
  6. Remodeling their room. Give your kid a little freedom to make choices of their room outlook. Maybe they need a new table or their wall painting is peeling out, let them fix the problem.
  7. Building. Look for something for your child to build such as a birdhouse, or dog house using sticks.
  8. Write a story together. Pick a topic and write a story together. 
  9. Involve them in the artwork. Each day, spare time for artwork. Each child may have to do what they love which includes drawing, coloring, painting, or sculpting. 
  10. Hiking. Hiking is a great exercise for children to keep fit and have fun. You can choose hiking in the woods or the park.

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