My Fear of Breastfeeding My Baby

Toddler biting is a pretty common event, however, there are many worried parents out there. The great news is that caregivers and parents can do a lot to minimize and, eventually, stop biting.

Today, I’m going to go into further detail about my fear of my baby biting me, which leads to my fear of nursing. Some of you may be wondering, “How can somebody be afraid to nurse their baby?” Continue reading to learn more.

The problem with biting

Biting scared the hell out of me. That’s right. If you have a baby who is teething, you probably know how they can be cruel at biting when breastfeeding. 

Other babies out there may bite their parents by mistake when they start having their teeth. However, my baby was very different, he thinks biting is a game and the most exciting thing in the world.

When the baby purposely bites and pulls back while giving you a burst of laughter, it feels like a sharp razor has crossed over your breasts. The biting is very painful to us moms, but it is more like an interesting act to our little munchkins. 

How did I know it was not an accident?

  1. It was not an accident because he kept doing it.
  2. The biting happened when she was almost done breastfeeding and after pulling back he gave me some giggles.

How did I control this behavior?

The first time he bit me I thought it was by mistake after he got the first tooth. But the second time I realized it was on purpose as he was laughing while pulling his teeth back. 

This is when I let out a sudden scream calling out his name. It was a way of getting back at me. Lately, he rarely bit as I have learned to keep the biting under control.

I watched his ques and gave him my attention. Avoid noise distractions or move to another room if necessary. Nursing him on both sides. As the nursing session ends, both momma and munchkin are happy.

In case you are dealing with biting, consider trying the following;

– Give the baby more of your attention.

– Nurse in a quiet room.

– Keep your phone away

– Talk to your little one

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