Different Types of Pregnancy Tests

With different types of tests, I think I have tried all from the least expensive to the most expensive. Literally, in my last pregnancy, I took plenty of tests to confirm if it was real, I had conceived.

A pregnancy test is used to determine if you have conceived by checking on the amount of hCG in your body. 

If you are a mother, pregnant, or have been trying to conceive, you know they are ways you can check yourself if you are pregnant. However, many women keep asking which pregnancy test is right, better, or accurate. For me, I think the urine test is the best.

If you think you are pregnant or suspect, you can either buy the pregnancy test over the counter or get the tests done in a clinic. There are two main types of pregnancy tests you can choose from.

1. At-home pregnancy test

In this test, you use urine to check if you are pregnant. You can get the test in your nearest pharmacy. Before using them, read the instructions given. What you do is put a few drops of urine on the chemical strips and wait for a few minutes. 

For better results take the test in the morning and avoid taking many fluids. If you test positive while using a home pregnancy test, schedule an appointment with your doctor. It is important to avoid risks such as ectopic or unhealthy pregnancy that can cause pain and medical problems if not treated.

2. Blood test

This is done by a healthcare provider using a sample of blood. The test can establish if you are pregnant and how much pregnant hormone is available. A blood test is recommended if your healthcare provider thinks you have a problem or to determine your overall health. Also, a blood test detects a little amount of hCG. 

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