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Can You Take Baby Formula on a Plane?

Taking baby formula onboard is allowed for parents flying out of Toronto Pearson International Airport. As a mom who’s been through the hustle of traveling with a baby, I’ve often been asked, “can you take baby formula on a plane?” While baby food, breast milk, and formula breast milk are all permitted in your carry-on baggage, be prepared: they might undergo additional screening procedures. And if you’re considering packing those ice packs to keep things cool, they’re allowed too. However, understanding the security screening process can …

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A Primer on Vaping for Parents

Vaping has grown incredibly popular among the youth, even though the sale of related products to people younger than 21 years old is illegal. As a parent, you must know what is best for your children. In this article, we will tackle everything that you and your teenager should know about quality vapes.
What Is It?
Vaping refers to the act of inhalation and exhalation of aerosol produced by electronic vapor devices upon heating liquid substances. JUUL is presently the most well-known brand of vapes, which is why it …

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Toronto’s Best Summer Spots

Summer is the best time to be in Toronto. It is the best time to explore various spots. It is suitable for both adults and kids. 
Get several activities to try out during summer in Toronto.
Toronto botanical garden
If you want an outdoor fun activity for your toddler, this suits you best. You will enjoy the ravines and beautiful flowers. The garden is open on weekdays but closed on weekends.
Toronto island park
You can go for a day trip to …

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Stuff to Do in Toronto Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Canada will be celebrating thanksgiving on Monday, 10 October. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and acknowledge all that we have and be grateful for family, and friends. 
In Toronto, it will be a long weekend of thanksgiving. If you want to make memories with your loved ones, you can choose various things to do in Toronto 2022 thanksgiving.
Here is a list of things that will happen on the upcoming holiday, start planning your thanksgiving day itinerary.
Downey’s farm pumpkin fest

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10 Best Ways to Enjoy Canada’s Wonderland

During summer, it’s all about fun in Canada. Canada’s Wonderland is one of the best attractions to visit in Toronto over the summer season. In summer, it opens daily. 
If this summer, you plan to visit Canada’s wonderland, check some mom tips here and be ready to have fun.

Purchase online tickets. Canada’s Wonderland has a website where you can buy tickets and save time at the entrance. Online tickets come with discounts thus saving some dollars….